If you’ve been searching for a freelance author to write thoughtful, high-quality content just for you, you’re finally in the right place.

I’m a practiced wordsmith looking to deliver unique, high-quality content for both short and long -term projects. I love collaboration, and my years of experience as an author and creator enable me to work comfortably with a wide variety of topics and projects.

If you’re sick of trudging endlessly through lifeless fields of dull content mill material (or would like to circumvent this drudgery completely), then let me write you something far better.

I invite you to check out some of my writing samples and view my blog.


What Kind of Services do I Provide?

If your blog needs a reliable stream of concise posts or list articles, look no further! I’ll ensure that each new article delivers fresh, captivating content to your audience and keeps them coming back for more. If you’re looking for a highly creative writer who can grant a powerful voice to a larger project like your very own sci-fi/fantasy story or game lore, I’m down for that too.

I provide exemplary writing services at affordable rates, and I guarantee superior customer service. You’ll have my undivided attention while we discuss your needs and I’ll go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction with the final product. I prioritize writing quality over word count, and carefully streamline every piece to maintain optimal clarity.

Blog Posts, Articles, and Webpage Content

If you’re seeking web content, rest assured: I avoid weak language, passive voice, and keyword stuffing like the plagues they are. I don’t write filler and I work hard to keep everything feeling polished and satisfying.

I use the latest and best SEO methods to help you stand out above your competition. Forget keyword stuffing, that awful relic that belongs in the past– who even does that anymore? I certainly don’t. Instead, I’ll flesh out your content with organic, natural phrases and top-notch substance that won’t only grab your audience’s attention in Google’s search results– they’ll keep it.

Your readers will appreciate the opportunity to spend their time on your pages, and you’ll be able to rest assured knowing that you’ve provided them with the best.

Creative Writing (Fantasy and Sci-Fi Genre)

If you choose to enlist my help with works of fiction, you’ll quickly find that I don’t deal in the mundane. Your audience will lose themselves in believable, gripping characters with compellingly-presented backstories and skillfully written arcs.

Realizing your creative vision will undoubtedly encounter a series of stressful obstacles– but I’ll ensure that weak, insipid writing isn’t one of them. Word counts will be met with quality rather than quantity, and every word will pack a punch.

Aside from standalone creative stories, lore and scripts for fantasy and sci-fi games also hold a special place in my heart. If you need an author to become a member of your game development team, then by all means hit me up. I’ve logged a deplorable number of hours playing various Bethesda and Blizzard games, and I know how to play the author’s game just as well.


If you have any questions or ideas that I haven’t covered, don’t hesitate to reach out! I’m always glad to discuss new projects and help create something new and exciting.