About my Blog

IMG_2948In the interest of being upfront with you: I’m not going to claim that the subjects of these blog posts have any clear direction yet, because they don’t! Each blog post will hopefully serve as a brick in the convoluted, chaotic road to someday discovering where I belong in the sci-fi/fantasy art multiverse.

For now, this blog will provide me with a platform for all the creative energy that’s been scratching to escape the halls of my mind since long before I can remember. It also might occasionally give me the chance to wave my artwork around in hopes that you’ll look at it, and you’ll be able to get a renewed feel for my writing style with each post.


The passion that drives me to express the impossible through sci-fi writing pushes me to do the same with all my artistic pursuits.

When I’m not writing or wandering through the woods, I’m drawing, painting, or spewing random vector graphics at an alarming rate– all in the interest of developing myself into a better artist. If you challenged me to find an aspect of my life that isn’t somehow funneled into my creative process, I’d undoubtedly return empty-handed.

“As above, so below,” as they say— here I will explore the various aspects of creative processes and techniques that will enable me to grow my skills as an artist and spread the plagues of the stars’ inspiration here on earth.

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