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I’m well-versed in a wide variety of topics and genres, and feel comfortable with writing in many different styles. I believe in making things easy, so these categories should help you find the exact kind of sample you’re looking for.

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Why Should you Hire me to Write Stuff Like This?

If you have a something to say, then it needs to actually reach your audience. 


The more pairs of eyes fall upon your web page, the more clicks and potential revenue you’ll get. The more popularity you gain for your latest game project, the more you’ll get noticed and the faster it’ll take off when it launches. When you rank higher in Google’s search results, your web page gets attention from far more people.

A greater audience equals greater success. 

SEO has evolved dramatically, and high-quality content matters more than ever before. You don’t want to trick your way to the top of the search results, only to have people feel let down once they land on your page. The real goal is to ensure that you’re delivering excellent content that provides precisely the kind of information your customers have been searching for.

When you’ve got high-quality, professionally written content filling your pages with valuable information, you’re more likely to keep readers’ attention once you get it and see more of a return for your efforts.

When you hire a professional author to write unique, information-packed material for your website, you’re showing both yourself and your viewers that you’re truly dedicated to the material you’re presenting. If you clearly care about what you have to say, then others are more likely to care as well.

I didn’t decide to call myself The Word Crafter just because I liked the sound of it. I did so because I devote an enormous amount of thought and attention to each and every piece I write for my clients. You won’t be getting droll, lifelessly-milled content– you’ll be getting a unique piece of work that I’ve carefully crafted with my own two hands.